Your BASI Board Needs You!
   Board posts for election in April 2019

Invitation to stand for Election

BASI is seeking nominations from members with the commitment and enthusiasm to serve on the BASI Board. We seek individuals who can demonstrate the specific skill sets that relate to the positions available and may have prior experience working with a member association or club environment.  Evidence of experience and skills must be included in your application and CV.

The deadline for applications is Friday 01 March 2019 and all information regarding eligibility, how to apply and job descriptions are available by clicking on the title link at the top of this news item -  "Your BASI Board Needs You!"

A General Meeting of The British Association of Snowsport Instructors Limited will be held on Sunday 28 April 2019  in Hintertux, Austria for the purpose of electing the following Board members:

Snowboard Director

Trainers’ Director

Chair Elect

Legal Director

 John Swift - A personal tribute
It is with great fondness and sadness that we report on the loss of John Swift, who passed before Christmas  following a lengthy illness. John will be known to many members who have worked or skied in Courchevel with Ski Supreme and on Cairngorm Mountain, where John had his home-base.

John Anderson has written the following personal tribute to John Swift:

 2018-19 Festive Opening Hours

 BASI qualifications retain SCQF database recognition

Edinburgh University's Board of Studies met earlier this month and BASI has now had confirmation that the Quality Assurance report that needs to be submitted annually, to retain qualification recognition, has been approved. All 24 BASI courses will remain on the SCQF database.

Why is this important? By aligning the BASI qualifications with the SCQF, It provides the following benefits:

1. The credits received for each course can be used as evidence of an ability to work at that level of difficulty. This can be useful for applying for jobs which may require, for example, ‘a degree or equivalent’. 
2. The credits received can be used as evidence of the work completed to apply for entry to courses in further and higher education. As BASI courses are on the SCQF this makes the process much more straightforward .
3. One further advantage of the process of credit rating is that the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework is aligned with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) which means that courses are recognised throughout Europe - this may become more critical as we enter a Brexit phase of withdrawal negotiations and bilateral negotiations.

 Board Members Elected!

New BASI Board Members Elected

Massive congratulations to the new BASI Alpine Director, Tom Waddington, the new BASI Finance Director, Mike Agutter, and to Don Bates for being re-elected as Secretary to the Board!

Thanks to all candidates for standing and to all the members that voted!

Tom Waddington
Alpine Director

Mike Agutter
Finance Director


Don Bates
Secretary to the Board


 Vote now for your new BASI Board Members

Notice of BASI General Meeting - 11 November 2018

29 September 2017

Online voting is now open and will close at 5.00 pm on Friday 9 November 2018.

Full and Life members who have paid 2018/19 member subscriptions are eligible to vote.  Click here to vote .
Only those posts that you are eligible to cast a vote on will appear in your voting page. e.g. Alpine Director can only be voted for by Full and Life Alpine members. 

 Last minute course spaces available!

 Sharing the Passion hardcover book now for sale!

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 SCQF criteria for recognised prior learning

SCQF Criteria for Recognised Prior Learning

Having successfully aligned all current BASI qualifications to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF), BASI and the University of Edinburgh have now reviewed the SCQF criteria for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). The result of this review is that those current members who hold BASI qualifications that were not part of the original alignment process, and who have maintained licensed status through the Continued Professional Development (CPD) process can now make a request to BASI to be issued certificates showing their SCQF levels and credits.

This will be of interest to members who are looking to further their academic qualifications or access other careers or courses that require entry standards, as they will be able to present their BASI qualifications (with SCQF credits) as evidence.

The SCQF has cross-border recognition with other nations’ qualification frameworks like the European Qualification Framework (EQF). This provides a progressive framework for the recognition of the BASI qualifications in an international context. This is potentially important for Members seeking to work internationally or satisfy international entry criteria for courses in other countries. Members who are interested in receiving SCQF certificates should e-mail or call 01479 861 717 (option 1) to make their request. The Training & Membership Team will verify the qualification and licence status and issue the appropriate level certificate. This process will incur an administration fee of £10 per certificate.

 New Chapter of Collaboration for Snowsport Scotland and BASI

New Chapter of Collaboration for Snowsport Scotland and BASI

After some months of discussion, the Boards of both organisations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and agree to work together towards award alignment, shared resources and event support.

Trafford Wilson, CEO of Snowsport Scotland describes this new initiative as “being key to the alignment of professional snowsports awards in Scotland”. Andrew Lockerbie, CEO of BASI recently described the new union as, “a crucial step forward for both organisations to help them better serve the needs of the Scottish snowsports community.” The first outcome the organisations intend to achieve in this new partnership will be to review the SSS assessment process with a view to granting qualified Snowsport Scotland Instructors direct access to the BASI Level 2 instructor training course.

More news will follow…

For further information please contact:
Tania Alliod, BASI     TEL: 01479 780013,  and/ or,
Iain Ramsay – Clapham ,  Snowsport Scotland, TEL: 07825 304074 ,