In 2015, BASI appointed CASSI Snow Sports Service Co. Ltd as its Chinese BASI Business Partner.  CASSI is responsible for the organisation and marketing of BASI ski and snowboard instructor training courses in China. 

BASI courses in China are organised by CASSI Snow Sports Service Co. Ltd. The Chinese BASI course calendar is available to view via BASI Wechat - use the QR code below to access. You can also make a course enquiry by calling the Chinese course booking number: 1 5000 787990

With the awarding of the 2022 Olympics to Beijing, the Chinese ski industry has been thrust into the public eye. In November 2015, BASI ran its first snowboard instructor training courses in Chongli, China - the town that will host many of the snowsports events in 2022. BASI now run courses in a number of Chinese resorts and snow domes.

Away from the spotlight of the Olympic Games.  It may surprise you to learn that China’s first ski resorts have been running for decades, that the Chinese dome scene rivals the one we have in the UK, that dry slopes are now being built in China, a healthy club scene is emerging and that the Chinese even possess a serious claim to the origins of the sport.

 It is now generally agreed that skiing was invented independently in two parts of the world in pre-historic times; Scandinavia and what is now Western China.  Cave paintings have been found in the Altai mountain range in Xinjiang province depicting what could be interpreted as skiers chasing cattle and horses,  and it is possible that these are proof of the beginnings of a continuous, if small and isolated, skiing culture that continues to this day. 

BASI courses in China are delivered by English speaking BASI Trainers and each group has a Chinese translator. For further information on BASI courses in China call 1 5000 787990 

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