New Chapter of Collaboration for Snowsport Scotland and BASI

After some months of discussion, the Boards of both organisations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and agree to work together towards award alignment, shared resources and event support.

Trafford Wilson, CEO of Snowsport Scotland describes this new initiative as “being key to the alignment of professional snowsports awards in Scotland”. Andrew Lockerbie, CEO of BASI recently described the new union as, “a crucial step forward for both organisations to help them better serve the needs of the Scottish snowsports community.” The first outcome the organisations intend to achieve in this new partnership will be to review the SSS assessment process with a view to granting qualified Snowsport Scotland Instructors direct access to the BASI Level 2 instructor training course.

More news will follow…

For further information please contact:
Tania Alliod, BASI     TEL: 01479 780013,  and/ or,
Iain Ramsay – Clapham ,  Snowsport Scotland, TEL: 07825 304074 ,