Qualification Required

  • BASI Level 2 Instructor Qualification

The Austrian authorities recognise and have different qualifications for Alpine, Snowboard, Nordic and Telemark disciplines. For foreign instructors to work for a ski school in Austria, they must hold a recognised qualification at least equivalent to the Austrian Anwarter qualification - BASI Level 2 Instructor at least.

Work Remit​

As a member of the EU, work permits are not required to work in a snowsport school. Once a job has been offered, the ski school will do all the necessary registrations with the relevant authorities. Austria has 8 regional ski federations, who administer instructor training and apply the regional laws for snowsport instruction. The state federation administers training of National Ski Teachers. 

Other Information

Please find below the ‘step by step procedure for recognition of the BASI Alpine, Snowboard and Nordic qualifications in the Tirol’.

Click here to download detailed syllabus in German for Alpine
Click here to download detailed syllabus in German for Snowboard
Click here to download application form for recognition in Tirol 
Click here to download step by step procedure

For working independently as a travel ski school instructor, different regions may have different regulations. For example, in Tirol an instructor must comply with some basic rules, 
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If instructors wish to work with a visiting ski school in the Tirol region, they can click here to register a temporary ski school.